Filming yourself might be stressful to most people, maybe even uncomfortable. However, these days it’s the most effective way of promoting yourself online and grow your business during the Coronavirus lockdown.

If you’re not taking advantage of this, you’re making a huge mistake. In this article I’m going to show you countless examples of people who don’t wait for when it’s over but they act now.

Even though the videos you film are not perfect because they’re not filmed by a professional videographer but the content, message is still there. Of course, there are some audio-visual rules you should know, otherwise it will be unwatchable but I’m covering all of that in this article so keep reading.

Use your free time wisely

When the lockdown is over and we kind of go back to our normal lives, you will see how many opportunities will be open for people who didn’t wait but acted on it. People who film videos, create online shows, live-streams rather than building LEGO the whole day will win in the end.

Don’t waste your time and especially now when your business probably experience some kind of a downside, you need to push for online marketing.

How to grow your brand during the lockdown

First example is myself. I’m a video producer so majority of my business comes from filming other people. This went to the toilet completely so I’m ‘left’ with editing videos – which produces naturally lower income, YouTube channel management of my clients and online trainings where I teach people How to talk to the camera like a pro.

As a videographer it is easy for me to film myself and then edit the video.

However, I had to shake off the shyness and awkwardness of filming myself, hearing my voice and so on. But fortunately, I have done this way before the lockdown happened and now I’m growing my YouTube channel. Feel free to subscribe 🙂

More details about the course here.

Connect with potential clients

I see a huge opportunity to connect with people and/or potential clients as they all are at home behind their phones or laptops. Not all the time of course but they are online more than ever before keen on keeping their online presence alive because they can’t take advantage of any offline presence.

That is why I publish videos daily, I write blogs, I started my podcast, re-designed my website, started a Quarantine documentary on my YouTube channel and I’m trying to find new clients via social media where I dm people I’d like to work for in the future.

I believe this will lead me into having an advantage over my competition once the lockdown is over and everything comes back to normal. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, doing nothing all day, building LEGO or 1000 piece puzzle, I’m trying to grow my brandand strenghten my online presence. And of course get new clients and leads.

Some Good News or filming a potential TV show with an iPhone

Another example is John Krasinski – director and actor of Quiet Place I and II, leading role in Amazon Original Jack Ryan – has decided to create a online YouTube show where he tries to spread Some Good News to the world. He films the whole thing from his house with his phone!

He’s also interviewing and connecting with people using Zoom and collects footage and stories from people on social media. In 10 days Some Good News gained 1.48 million subscribers and have over 23 million of views for just 2 episodes so far.

The logo of this YouTube show was made on the paper with pencils. I’m not sure that this success would be possible if the show was created half a year ago with all professional cameras and studio. The beauty of this is the message not the perfection. And that is why it strongly resonates with the public.

The message I’m trying to share with you with this article is that don’t wait for perfection but act.

Create a new product, video, show, YouTube channel and publish. Yes, your phone is enough for the filming for now. People do accept that, people don’t judge because they know what the situation is right now.

Think about the future

If John Krasinski thought to himself that he needs professional cameras and a crew and a studio because he’s well-known famous actor and publishing something filmed with him phone would ‘destroy’ his awesome image, then he wouldn’t have 23 million views (more to come for sure) and this might score him the actual TV show once the lockdown is over because the producers from all around the world can see that John Krasinski is an incredible host!

Some Good News might help John Krasinski scoring amazing roles in the future as well because he is more lovable than ever spreading Some Good News to everyone.

Take advantage of hot topics

The same thing applies to you. Another example is my client Matt Gingell, #1 employment lawyer in London. Matt and I have been producing videos for his YouTube channel for over a year and of course I always filmed all the videos. But currently it’s not possible but Matt didn’t want to stop publishing videos on his channel because that would eventually kill it. Especially, there was and is a big opportunity to hit good numbers as the law changes often these days.

Matt is a number one lawyer so does it look professional when he films videos himself? Doesn’t it destroys his image? No! I gave Matt instructions on how to film himself, also he bought a microphone that you can plug into the phone and it’s all good!

He sends me the videos via Dropbox and I’m ready to edit them. Recently we published a video on Furlough Leave which is a big topic in the news right now and we got almost 3000 views in a week and over 40 comments. The video views are climbing and they will climb. Of course, it’s not 23 million but Matt is not John Krasinski so keep the perspective right.

Boost your socials with videos

If you have videos where you talk about your business and you want to edit them and publish on your socials, you simply need a video editor.

A lot of videographers are more than available to you right now so do take advantage of it.

If you have the message you want to share but not sure if you can film it yourself, do get in touch with me and I can train you online or simply give you few tips on everything you need to know.

Your business, your online content should not just stop because you don’t have the professional camera available. People are more than willing to accept your effort to film it yourself and provide them with a valuable message.

For any help, advice or services get in touch with me.

If you want to learn How to talk to the camera with confidence.

I’m loooking forward to be seeing your videos!

Contact me/Get a free quote


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