Premiere Pro has 80+ shortcuts you can use by default, however if you want to create your own shortcut for your favourite tool or function, you can very easily do it. When Premiere detects non-supported keyboard, the default option is displayed – U.S. English keyboard. If you change any shortcut, your mode is set to Custom. Once you select Save as, you create a custom preset from your changes.

What does different colours mean in the main view?

On Mac use Option + CMD + K to display the shortcut panel, or go to Premiere Pro in the menu. On Windows it’s Edit -> Shortcuts. When you see keys shades in purple that means these shortcuts are application-wide shortcuts. Keys shaded in green are panel-specific shortcuts. A mix means a key works in both scenarios.


How do you assign a custom shortcut?

Search the function in the search bar and click on the box next to it. Insert your key – either new one or replacing the old one. You can also assign multiple shortcuts to same key if you use the second box instead.


You click OK and it’s done!

How to share keyboard shortcuts preset?

Note that shortcuts are synchronised for the same operation system. If you create shortcut preset for Mac, it won’t work on Windows. You can copy keyboard shortcut preset if you Sync setting using Adobe Creative Cloud or manually if you look for .kys file on your computer.

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