Cameras – our biggest fear?

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Cameras – our biggest fear?


Today I filmed with one of my clients for the first time and I got reminded of people’s fear of cameras. When I talk to them, it’s all good but when I hit the record button, it’s all gone. All the confidence and all of a sudden people are lost for words. In my professional experience in video production industry, I came across many people but they had one thing in common always. Fear of video cameras.

Why do we fear video cameras?

The fear is in general a fear of public speaking, public display. When we see a video camera, we know that a lot of people will see us in the end. That’s what makes us insecure.

Are we looking alright? How do we sound? I don’t know what to say. Maybe I’m talking crap…

The are the questions popping in our heads. Me, as a director will give you direction, I will ensure you’re looking great, you’re speaking sense etc. but what you have to do and nobody else, is to set up a mindset. You need to have nice positive thing in your head when making a video. Don’t put negative stuff in it. This way your body follows your thoughts and start doing what you’re thinking.

That’s why you start sweating, your throat goes dry and all of a sudden you don’t know what to say. The best way to avoid this is to practice at home – in front of other people or camera/phone. You can then watch back and see the way you look and sound. This way you can get better.

How to learn to talk to the camera?

Talking to a camera is like any other skill we have. We need to learn it from scratch. Nobody was born like Leo DiCaprio or Maryl Streep. I’ve done online course that will help you with it, if you take it serious and want to be better in videos. I cover all the tips and tricks and practice. I also show you how I do videos and what’s required for my preparation.

If you really want to take it to the next level, you can book me for a half a day session and I will turn you into a video star in 4 hours of hard work.

Good luck and looking forward to working with you!

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