Brighton – Part 2: Laptop lifestyle on the beach?

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Brighton – Part 2: Laptop lifestyle on the beach?


I was always thinking about how it is to live by the sea? Especially when it comes to working. If you have a bad weather in the middle of nowhere, you’re more down to work and not tempted to go out, enjoy the sun and party.

If you want to become a laptop lifestyler and remote videographer like me, be sure that it’s not just glamour and bed of roses. You’re always very tempted to just enjoy the moment. But you have to be careful not to turn that moment into a whole day. Laptop lifestylers have to be very disciplined. Incredibly.

Imagine living in Brighton, or maybe you are. And you can wake up and the Sun is shining. What are you gonna do? Take your laptop and go working in a cafe on the beach. You’re looking at people lying, swimming but you have to watch it and work. And you can enjoy it later.

To some people this is very easy to do and you might say of course you would work and not be tempted. But some people are masters of procrastination, maybe also some of us. Or everyone is a little bit. It’s really not that easy, also when your friends write you to come join them on the beach etc.

I would suggest to discipline yourself in also many other areas. For example do some sports, go to the gym or go for a run every day. You will gain that self-discipline and all of a sudden it will start showing in your daily work ethic.

I definitely will come back to Brighton in the summer to work with my laptop/camera. It’s not that far from London and maybe sea will be kind of warm to have a swim in.

If you want to become a laptop lifestyler, remote worker, you need to learn some skill. Decide what you want to do and if you’re in London, definitely get in touch.

Here’s a short video from trip

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