World Premiere of Bohemian Rhapsody!

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World Premiere of Bohemian Rhapsody!

Bohemian Rhapsody World Premiere

Congratulations to Bohemian Rhapsody movie on getting their awards, especially Golden Globes for Best motion picture and Best actor in a leading role. And of course The Academy Awards for the best Best sound mixing, Best film editing, Best sound editing and Best actor in a leading role! Well deserved! Now let’s go back to the day where this movie premiered itself to the world. Or should I say the city where it all started London.

Go big or go home

I’ve been to many amazing events before but nothing tops what happened on Tuesday night [23 October 2018]. Queen rock and rule the world for over 50 years and they will definitely continue to do that also thanks to this movie.

Next generation can see and understand Freddie as well as the whole story of Queen and their journey to the top. For me — as a huge fan — I was a bit afraid of Bohemian Rhapsody movie because how the hell can you immitate Freddie Mercury without looking ridiculous? Well… Let me start from the beginning.

Bohemian Rhapsody World Premiere, Wembley

Of course Queen won’t host World Premiere in some stinky small cinema in central London. They have to be over the top always, that’s why they decided to have it in SSE Wembley Arena with other 7 000 people. And yes they all arrived.

Another difference from usual red carpet was that it wasn’t red but purple, in terms of fitting into the Bohemian Rhapsody movie poster. So the first star on the red carpet was Jim Beach — Queen’s manager. He seemed very proud and happy that this day has finally come.

Bohemian Rhapsody World Premiere, Wembley

Purple carpet guests

The anticipation was rising and the temperature was dropping. I couldn’t wait for real Queen and ‘fake’ Queen to arrive. When I realised that of course Mike Myers is in the movie as well! Huge round of an applause took place when everybody has seen him arrive. It all started look a bit surreal and I couldn’t wait to actually see the movie.


Finally our ‘fake’ Queen arrived, meaning Rami Malek, Joe Mazzello, Ben Hardy and Gwilym Lee, but I still didn’t know what to think about because I haven’t seen them in their roles yet. But moments after, as the last but not the least! REAL Queen arrived, Roger Taylor and Brian May who immediately started signing countless amounts of CDs, posters, vinyls, pictures that their fans were handing to them. Myself included.

Rami Malek in London

Rami Malek in London for the Bohemian Rhapsody world premiere.

Brian May took real quality time with fans, he also shaked my hand and kindly signed my CD cover. What a gent! Roger was as usual rocking his look and he gave some autographs too.

It was the TIME to go inside and actually see the movie among first people on this planet! Feeling exactly as if I went to a live concert, the screen was bigger than my imagination, full house. And then it all started.

Bohemian Rhapsody World Premiere

Best British movie ever?

Everything went silent… And then we saw Freddie [Rami Malek] lying in bed… coughing. BOOM cut and we were in Wembley for Live aid 1985, that’s where the intro with titles started together with ‘Somebody to love’. The sound in the arena was unbelievable. I felt like they’re playing on stage live!

I won’t tell you any spoilers but yes you will hear Rami Malek sing! And boy he can do that! Not like Freddie of course but don’t worry about that…

Amazing and hilarious one liners from all the members from the band made everybody in Wembley Arena laugh. Applause and laugh was louder and louder with every scene. From the first moment, I believed all the perfomances and I grew on all the characters. It was funny, it was spot on, it was ironic, it was Queen signature written all over it.

Mike Myers plays EMI manager who doesn’t believe that Bohemian Rhapsody is a good song, in his words — it’s a lot of nonsense put together and what the hell is Bismillah?? — and then he says absolutely nailing sentence that will make you laugh so bad, trust me. If you watched Wayne’s World.

The way Rami Malek is moving and talking is just like Freddie. No he doesn’t completely look like him but he acts like him and it works! I wasn’t irritated, I believed that he is Freddie. Joe Mazzello as John Deacon is hilarious, he’s so funny, he’s so quiet but when he says or do something, it’s worth every penny. And Gwilym Lee as Brian May, is Brian May. I mean… it’s like 99% original copy. It freaked me out. Ben Hardy looks to me like he’s 14 years old, so I was afraid how he can act like a rockstar with Roger Taylor drive, BUT thankfully my concerns disappeared when he first spoke with his attitude. Brilliant! After the movie, all cast and Queen got called on stage and the crowd went bo**ocks!

The best thing was that I got to experience all of this for free. Anything is possible in London! All I had to do is getting a wristband in the morning from organizers.

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