Be obsessed or be average

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Be obsessed or be average


I recently read a new book by selling genius Grant Cardone called Be obsessed or be average. I’m going to tell you in this article why it’s a must read for you this year.

Find your passion

When you read this book, it will give you a big kick to actually do something with your life. So before reading this book, you can get yourself in the mood by Gary Vee blog Stop living for the weekend.

I know exactly what to do with my life but this book still gave me some good insights on what I have to do and how I should do it. If you’re reading this blog, I’m quite sure you already found your passion just like me, but this book explains to you what’s going to happen when you really commit and become obsessed with your goals and dreams. Make a change start living as I say in my article on Medium.

It’s a whole new level but it takes a lot of courage, passion and hard work. Let me give you some good ideas about this book, but don’t worry I won’t spoil anything if you want to read it.

Obsession will save your life

Once you commit and become obsessed with taking your business/brand to the next level, nothing will stop you becoming successful. No mistakes will slow you down and no people could tell you to stop what you’re doing. Become obsessed to be better every day because you owe it to yourself. All the success, all the money is waiting for you out there and only you are stopping yourself from getting it.

However, don’t be obsessed with the wrong things. Meaning gambling for example, alcohol, drugs or TV, or even food. These examples give you a good idea of what you become when you’re obsessed with something. If you become obsessed with getting more sales rather than getting more drinks, you will see the results immediately.


Forget being average

Any kind of sportsman, sportswoman who had a great success have one thing in common. They cannot breathe or live without playing their sport. They are obsessed. Passionate. To the level that they achieve things without limits.

Don’t allow anyone tell you how well you’re doing when you can do even more. Are you already very successful? All the people around you look up to you? Don’t get satisfied with it. If you earn 10k per month, why stop there? You can earn 100k. Isn’t that a better life? Always push yourself towards being phenomenal. If you look for ways to accelerate your succes, you can read this blog by Grant Cardone How to accelerate success.

Don’t forget that only you are responsible for your own success. Not the economy, not your daddy who you never met. Not your childhood bullies. Only you can make yourself successful. It’s completely in your hands, no matter what.

Speaking of another successful story when you commit, obsess and never give up is my favourite actor Chris Pratt. It took him years of hustling and after breaking all the odds, from chubby little roles in horrible movies, he climbed the ladder up to becoming absolutely needed for Hollywood world. You can read it all in this amazing article From Coupon Salesman to Marvel’s Leading Man.

Chris Pratt in London

Let go haters and naysayers

‘Slow down’, ‘you’re working too much’, ‘take a break, take it easy’.

Don’t even think about listening to them. They are average and they want you to stay average too. Sheep don’t like to be near lions. And especially – never take advice from a quitter.

This is my favourite, because when I moved to London, I got so much advice from my friends on how to make it as a videographer that have no clients in London. Everybody was telling me what I should do and how I should do it. Even when they never ever lived in London, never ever ran a business, never ever did business in London, and never ever looked for a job in London. People who have no idea about London prices give you advice how much money you should spend and work for. It’s ridiculous. Your friends might not be bad people and they might not do it on purpose but they might put you down if you listen to them. Find people who already did it, and take advice from them. I also recommend reading an interesting article about The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson on The pain and passion.

Being obsessed with something doesn’t mean sacrificing your family, your free time. It’s about having it all. Once you build amazing business which requires sacrifice of course, then you can enjoy life as much as you want. No limits! On the yacht, in the 5 star hotel. But right now, it’s the time to get down to business and do your thing until you become the best. Sacrifice short terms pleasures for long term dreams.

Haters will always tell you everything you do is wrong, but remember, they will promote you more than your fans. And the ultimate revenge is a massive success.

Dominate to win

The reason why so many people fail on marketing is they underestimate the effort required.

If you want to dominate social media for example, you need to create all the profiles on all social media and kill it. How do you kill it? You don’t have followers? Interactions? You need to post. Create good and high quality content with the proper message and publish it in many different wats. Podcast, videos, long videos, short videos, blogs, photos, stories. Everything, every single day.

Before you order this book and wait for delivery, you can have this intro video as a prologue.

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