A great display for digital designers and video editors. Not so much for gamers with a refresh rate of 75hz which is not as good as standard gaming displays with refresh rate of 144hz. However, it’s more affordable and it can adapt to compensate for not so fast refresh rate with adaptive sync. On the other hand the colours and accurate and stunningly looking.


IPS monitor with frameless design – producing rich colours. 

100% RGB and 100% Rec. 709 

Calman verified – factory calibrated to deliver colour accuracy. You will see on the display exactly how the finished video or graphic will look like, including accurate hues.  

Ergonomic stand 


Asus presets Pro Art – switch the mode on to see the accuracy with video standard color gamur Rec. 709, Reading mode makes font smoother, easier on the eyes. Dark room preset is great if you have too much light coming into your editing room or office. Rapid rendering for super fast action if the refresh rate is not fast enough to render.  

Power off mode has no consumption 

75Hz refresh to animated content with fast action to eliminate screen tearing. Adaptive sync allows refresh rate to match GPU’s outputting frames to avoid lag and screen tearing.


If you want gaming monitor I would recommend refresh rate of basically double. But if you’re a video editor or graphic/digital designer, the most important is colours and resolution.  

Connectivity for maximum flexibility including MiniDisplay port, Display port, HDMI, duallink DVI-D, audio in, jack for audio out, 2 USB 3.0 ports.


Wall mountable.

Quick fit button, Align to the meter and align to formats A4, B5, ruler.

Blue light presets – eliminating blue light especially while spending a lot of time in front of the screen and in the evenings and nights, turn the preset on.  



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